Guess Who? Adult Small Group Activity


October 01, 2018 -


Event Leader:

Brooke Wagster

The Adult Ministries Team is set to begin in October.  This means ALL New Groups and ALL new opportunities to make friends and strengthen bonds with people in our congregation!  Once a month, a couple or member of a group will have an opportunity to host a dinner at their home or another venue.  The host of the group will begin the dinner by engaging in a faith-centered activity. This could mean a devotional reading, a biblical themed game or any creative way you would like to begin the evening by focusing on Christ!  From there, the group will have fun socializing over dinner, getting to know each other better, and of course, laughing together!  The number in your group will determine how many months you meet.  From there, the group may very well take on a life of its own!   Groups are now being formed. If you would like to be a part of a group, please contact Brooke Wagster at

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