Two New Studies Offered


March 19, 2019 - TBA


1 Hour

Event Leader:

Bro. Barry

New Spring Study — “Invitation”

Bro. Barry will be offering a new spring study, “Invitation.” It offers an overview of understanding the whole of Scripture. The Bible is a complex book written over the course of 1,500 years by more than forty authors. It is in the marvel of such complexity that we discover the miracle in its simplicity and single, unified story. The Invitation study is a one-time, ten-week journey led by Dr. Brian Russell, Old Testament professor at Asbury Theological Seminary. The cost of a book is $22.00. The study will begin Tuesday, March 19, at 11:00 a.m. in the former Peace Sunday School classroom.  If you would like to participate, please call the church office or add your name to the signup sheet outside the pastor’s office.

“Seeing Black and White in a Gray World”

In light of the current debate taking place in our denomination, Bro. Barry will lead a study using the resource “Seeing Black and White in a Gray World” (The Need for Theological Reasoning in the Church’s Debate Over Sexuality) by Dr. Bill Arnold, Professor of Old Testament studies at Asbury Theological Seminary. How do we respond to a dispute in The United Methodist Church, in which both sides of the debate believe their positions are perfectly obvious and true, a black-and-white certainty, an obvious truth. Yet the two positions are mutually exclusive and cannot both be right. This study will focus on the biblical, theological, and cultural arguments in favor of traditional teaching on sexuality. It will assess the strength of popular arguments put forth for the acceptance of gay marriage. It will help us appreciate the already compassionate, moderate, and holistic position of The United Methodist Church on matters of sexuality. This will be a seven-week study that begins on Thursday, March 21, at 7:00 p.m.  If you would like to participate, please sign up at the bulletin board in the hallway near the pastor’s office.  The cost for the book that will be used for the study is $18.00.

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